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Well hello, it seems you've come to the right place, welcome.  This journal is half public, half friends only.  All the "interesting" bits are in the friends only section, but i'm always happy to make new friends so shoot me a message, or you can just enjoy the ski videos i post :P

Doin' it

Still no work on Spain or Germany although hopefully will get that by the end of the week.  At this point i don't really expect anything from that haha.  I think i mentioned that last post, i feel like i'll find out sometime in september that i'm not going.  Although at that point i'll just end up figuring something out for myself.

In other news, i signed up for salsa lessons hahaha, first one this weekend :P  it's only been what, 4 years that i've been saying i need to do this.  Hahahaha, fuck it. i want to get sexier and salsa is one way that i can take my unlimited supply of energy and fluid hips and convert it into sexy.  :)  That and it's a good workout, and will hopefully open up new social opportunities for me to just go out to salsa clubs and be one of "those" guys who just grabs random women from the bar and flings them around expertly around the dance floor.  

My knee too has been off and on, some days ok, some days not.  i'm trying to get myself back in the habit of working out.  I will be going to the gym again tonight.  At this point, if after 2 weeks of weights, my leg still hurts, then i'll just go back to the doctor. Other than that not much, trying to get my feelings past this girl i know and just push on, just push on because there's no point ruining myself over nothing... but who am i kidding, it's me, so it'll take me some time to get past this, hahaha, can always hope.

And that about wraps up the stupid

Got an email friday from my company telling me that they will have all their global rotation assignments (for which i applied) determined by mid july, which is cool to find out if i'm moving or not, although they did tell me 2 weeks ago that they'd have it wrapped up by end of june and had told me before that that they were going to make their decisions by the end of may... so at this point i'll find out something in the spring of 2013.  Which brings me to soulive show of the week...  This one is really really awesome.


Also looks like i've played the part of the fool again when it comes to the ladies... haha in the end it just makes me leaving san jose that much easier. Which... i was getting drinks with some people the other day, and frankly, was annoyed.  first off, don't bitch at me for wanting to leave san jose, then leave me to sit at the bar by myself because it's a whopping 9:30 and you gotta get home for your dogs... THIS is the reason i don't feel like i have any friends in this city, the ones i do have i think just get some random enjoyment of hearing how awful my life is every month and if i don't have entertaining stories about some crazy woman trying to stab me, they just go home and play with their dogs...  Oh, and if anyone has a problem with how much/what i given them for their wedding, birthday, christmas, or other, please let me know, you are more than welcome to give it back to me.  

The other gal i was hanging out with seemingly has decided that i'm her lowest priority in terms of people to hang out with in san jose as well.  Seriously, am i really this big of a doormat? or is it the fact that i'm pretty passive and able to entertain myself the reason i get shit on on a fairly constant level?  I'm moving on from that regardless.  I don't need that bs anymore.  I dealt with that from my last ex (who still hasn't thanked me or made any attempt to pay me back on the loan she so desperately needed).  Let that serve as a reminder in the future, though i knew she wouldn't pay me back, i think how she's gone about the whole thing is classless and here's a simple rule of thumb, If you're going to borrow money from someone, and you don't pay them back, at least acknowledge it, and frankly, before you make any other grandiose purchases (i saw an elaborate bday party for her son that i guess i paid for) make some attempt at paying your debts, it just doesn't look good.  That's just me though and people say i'm bizzare.  

Well that was a fun rant.  Hahaha

Other than that things are going alright, i'm sitting on my deck drinking beer, trying to figure out what i need to get done tomorrow.  Hopefully i'll be in bed by 11 tonight (let make this a goal) and get up sometime around 7:30 tomorrow so i can have a "normal" start to my day. Wow long post :)

2013 opus!!!!!

I think i was listening to soulive back when i started this damn blog... and i'm sure as hell listening to them again, really one of my favorite bands, and not only that there's a ton of their live shows on archive.org...


So, i was toying with the idea of going to LA for the weekend, and as my personal computer has decided to crash into oblivion, and since i got a call this morning from a client demanding an insanely quick turn around on returns that i don't want to do i can't go.  Sad face.

Although, 2013 model skis are starting to ship, including the 2013 version of the mr pollard opus!


Oh yum, oh yum indeed.  I'm not as sad as my emoticon below indicates, just a little annoyed that i'm going to spend the weekend with work and not with either 1. Los Angeles or 2. a girl i'm diggn' on.  That's life, life is fun. :D woooo my anus is bleeding... hahaha love that cartoon.

Back what once was

I've always had a certain affinity i have for this site, but it's still there although at this point, i'd be surprised if anyone reads this anymore...  Esp considering that most of my posts are friends only and most of the friends i had on here are now on facebook, which i think the advent of facebook/myspace/twitter and its insta mini-blog is mostly to blame.  Though, i don't mind, as i think i've said in the past, i struggle a lot with my thoughts, which sucks in a way since i have a lot of thoughts haha.

Somewhere along the line too i tried making these posts longer and longer, then bemoaning the fact that i didn't post with the frequency that i used to, when, looking back at my old posts, they were mostly 2-3 sentences of "today sucks" or "i had some good thai food" and that in my nostalgia, i had overvalued my writing prowess.  So in a lot of ways this is a post about nothing as my initial posts were posts about nothing other than to just write something to post, and to keep true to my 19 year old self (it's been almost 10 years that i've had this blog) this will be a public post with ramblings about nothing.  :)  

And in other news, China, wtf?


He's #1

Colby west is probably my favorite skier, hahhaa, i just figure this is the kinda crap i'd do if i were in the ski profession.

When i grow up...

Hahaha, saw this video, was so great.... hahahah love it, had to post it


So, i was finally able to get to bed before midnight last night and actually woke up with the rest of the normal working class people at 8.  and overall i'm feeling better today.  I need to make this a consistent part of my work week again, so that i'm not so wiped out and dysfunctional during work.  

As of now i'm kind of hanging around the office waiting for another meeting.  My meetings today have been spaced out just perfectly that it keeps me from getting anything productive done in between.  I hate days like this, because it'll be 4pm and i'll have nothing to show for today other than a bunch of talking that probably didn't need to be done any way.  

Other than that, nothing much else going on.  This weekend planned for going back up to sf and having dinner with an old coworker, getting a haircut perhaps, and maybe getting my car serviced (i hate that though since it's so damned expensive to get my car maintained).  But yeah, maybe see about taking tomorrow off, i've been so exhausted lately, i think having a day to clear my thoughts, get some stuff done is probably good for me.  

Oh. and i haven't been able to stop listening to this song from about the 4 minute mark to the end.  It ultimately represents everything i love about jazz, just this brilliantly chaotic crescendo that still has an unrelenting groove and watching some of the best musicians alive put their souls into something (look at the drummers face during this section, or the vibraphonist, or any of them really but the drummer especially just kills this song).  Anyway, i think it kicks ass, and has impacted me in a way few non-mingus songs have.  I've seen these guys live before and they're ridiculously good.  Between this and that roy hargrove show i saw this past weekend, i'm really revving myself up to get back into music and start playing seriously again.

Oh man, gotta stop this crap

heard an advertisement for valentines day... a website, www.bigplush.com is selling a 6ft tall stuffed rose with a teddy bear.  Now, i heard this advertisement on sports radio, which means that the types of guys that are probably buying this... dbags.  hahaha  sorry, if a huge stuffed rose is your thing, then awesome hahaha, seriously who buys this?  "hey honey! guess what i got your for valentines day....  a..... get ready for it.....  a 6ft tall stuffed rose!  yeah, i know i know, i could have made you something, or taken you somewhere meaningful and special to be romantic, but the sports radio guy said this this was badass, they showed it right after the steelers highlights, and you know how much i love the steelers"  <shotguns budweiser, high fives wife>

hahahaha, oh well, like i said, whatever floats your boat.  I'm not a huge v-day basher or fan, pretty indifferent, i know some people can get a little swept up in what they want it to mean, for example, one of my friends' girls didn't like the flowers he got her, so she had him go back to the store to get different ones for her.  I mean, yeah, it's the thought that counts, and an opportunity and excuse to do something nice for whoever you're with.  Now, with that being said.... i guess last year was the only valentines day that was any good for me, but the week before, and the weeks after were really hard on me.  The year before it felt like a lame duck vday since my gf at the time made it impossible for me to plan anything, and we spent the evening with her talking about how we weren't meant for each other.  hahaha que romantico!  demasiada pasion! :) whatever.  

Tonight i aim to go to sleep before midnight. went to be at 5:30am last night and am really struggling today.  I can't keep doing this to myself.  Plan... go home from work at 7, make myself some quesadillas, drink a beer, go to sleep.  :)

Again... some goodness to salvage the idiocy of my rants...

Dave Holland! 

back up to the citay!

So, i ran up to sf again to check out Roy Hargrove, haha, tonight's show was a lot better actually too.  Sat next to this old guy that smelled like he hadn't brushed his teeth in a while so I kept the conversation to a minimum.  :P

Tonight was actually the first night too that i dressed up nice in a long long time.  Usually when i go out by myself, i try to dress like a hobo, usually with a hoodie wool coat and fingerless gloves and old jeans.  I only ever dressed up when i was in a relationship, it's kind of backwards huh?  that i dress up all the time when i'm in a long term committed relationship, yet when i go out on the town as a single guy, i look like i just crawled out of bed.  Not tonight though, went to an upscale jazz club (although i looked like a hobo when i went to the same club last night :P) and was lookin' good.  I was also sportin' my cane that i have to use because of my stupid foot, but in reality it only makes me look more like a pimp.

And.... speaking of foot, it's really progressed well this week.  I'm optimistic that i'll be ready to go skiing again soon, i'm targeting superbowl sunday as my first weekend back up to the mountains.  I love skiing on the superbowl because no one is up there (and my team is long since out, so i don't really care who wins at this point).  In any case, not much else is going on, got about 4 hours of work to do today, gonna try to sleep a few hours and grab breakfast with some friends, then work, then write my appeals letter which i've been putting off for about a month now.  Maybe if i have time after all that, clean my apartment, and get my laundry done.  Que un domingo divertido!